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As a full-time relief vet for VetIQ Staffing, you are actually an employee of our company. The first major benefit you'll enjoy is that we handle everything for you.


We find you your assignments, we handle all the billing and collections with clients, we track your time worked, we pay you weekly, we handle all of your government withholding's, we provide you with a W-2 form...you are truly our employee. 

And, as an employee, you qualify for other great benefits too!

Medical & Dental Coverage

We have several different medical and insurance options available for you - from a basic program to cover you for extreme emergencies to full-featured programs that cover you from head to toe. Ask your recruiter for details. 

401(k) Savings Program

As a VetIQ Staffing team member you qualify to take part in our company 401(k) savings program, including the company matching contribution. Your recruiter can give you all the details and help you decide the best way to go.

PTO Program

Everybody needs time off, right?! With our VetIQ Staffing PTO plan, you're able to earn paid time-off up to two weeks a year.  

Stock Option Program

Yep, stock options! After six-months of qualifying employment, you get the opportunity to become a part-owner and partner in VetIQ Staffing (even part-time employees too)! Issued annually, our program lets you purchase VetIQ Staffing stock at a significant discount, allowing you to share in the success of the company. Ask for details!

Continuing Education Credits

As a dedicated Veterinarian, you never stop learning. Ask your recruiter about our Continuing Education Credit reimbursement program. It's a great way to off-set your CE expenses.

Liability Insurance Reimbursement

​It's a fact of life, in this day and age liability insurance is a must, and we'll help you pay for it. Ask for details.

Longevity Bonus

​We reward your hard work and dedication with our Longevity Bonus payouts every 90-days! Ask for more details.

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