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The Intelligent Way to Find Great Veterinary Jobs

Work is more than just a job.  It's about your career goals, financial needs, personal values and job gratification.  At VetIQ Staffing we work to get to know you and understand your wants and needs.  Our job is to find you the perfect opportunity while making your job search fast, easy and convenient.


Why choose to work with VetIQ Staffing?  Take a look yourself, we think you'll find us to be a smart choice to make as your employment partner!




For Veterinarians


Forget everything you've ever thought about relief work because we make relief work work for you!


Whether you're simply looking to pick up some extra shifts here and there, or interested in working full-time as a relief vet, we've got a solution for you.


Traditional Relief


Working as a relief Vet can be a rewarding, and profitable experience.


But, it can also be a major hassle.


Not at VetIQ Staffing. 

  • We contact the clinics that fit your needs

  • We set-up your interviews for you

  • We handle all of your scheduling

  • We take care of the billing

  • You get your pay directly from us


In short, we take the hassle out of relief work and make it an easy way to make great money!



Full-Time Relief


VetIQ Staffing is the only company offering our industry unique Full-Time Relief Program for veterinarians interested in a flexible workstyle combined with the financial security of full-time work.


Here are the basics of our no-risk program:

  • You guarantee availability to work a specific number of hours/shifts per week

  • We provide you with assignments and a specific guaranteed salary each week 

  • You work the assignments provided

  • You get paid even if we can't provide you with enough work to meet your commitment

  • Your contract-based agreement spells it all out


Interested?  Give us a call today to discuss the details!



Working with VetIQ Staffing is easy and convenient.


When you're ready for a new job -- even if you're just curious what's out there -- give us a call. 


  • The Intelligent Choice - We work with you every step of the way. Our recruiters take the time to get to know you -- your practice preferences, experience, likes and dislikes. It all goes into making sure we find you the perfect position.


  • Top Practices & Clinics - One of the advantages of working with a staffing leader is our wide selection of assignments available with the area's top veterinarian facilities. this means more choices and better opportunities for you.


  • Top Compensation Packages - We work to get you the best pay package and combine it with other terrific benefits and perks to give you the best compensation possible.


  • Great Experience - Nothing builds your experience faster than working with a variety of practices. Each clinic you work with will build out your skill set and your resume. 


  • Flexibility & Control - You control your career.  Choose who you want to work for, when you want to work, how you want to work.


  • Save Time & Money - You don't have to surf job boards, send out resumes, network or take time off from work. We are the hassle-free way to find a new job.


For many vets and technicians, working temporary assignments are the perfect answer.  


No practice politics, staff management issues, hassles of practice ownership...in short, we allow you to focus on what you like best; your work and animal care.




Travel Vet Assignments

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Ready to take your skills on the road and see the country? Then we have the perfect solution for you, our Travel Vet program. 


Travel assignments give you the opportunity to combine your work life with your love of travel.  Contract travel assignments typically run from 4 to 13-weeks and we help you work out all the details, including travel arrangements, housing assistance, licensing, scheduling and more.


So, whether you want to spend your summer in Maine and your winter in San Diego -- or anywhere in between -- give us a call to learn more about how it all works and our latest opportunities.


For Vet Techs


Veterinary Technicians have never been more important to the success of veterinarian practices, nor in higher demand!


At VetIQ Staffing, we give you a variety of ways to enjoy work flexibility and shape your career path. 


Traditional Relief

From striking a Work/Life balance, to gaining great experience, to trying out area vet clinics to see where you might want to work full-time, relief work is the perfect solution.

Now, we've also made it easy.

  • We contact the clinics that fit your needs

  • We set-up your interviews for you

  • We handle all of your scheduling

  • We take care of the billing

  • You get your pay directly from us


The smart way to determine if it's the right job for you before you commit to a permanent job. 

Permanent Placement

Don't waste your time surfing job boards and sending out resumes, let us do the work for you.


The Industry's Best

Referral Program

Earn some easy extra spending money while doing your veterinary friends and colleagues a favor!  Our employee Referral Program pays you great money when we put to work a vet, vet tech, practice manager or other veterinary professionals.


You can earn up to $1,500 for every person you refer.  No limits, no small print.  If the person you refer goes to work for us and hits their minimum requirements, you make money!


Call us today for full details or click the button below to get started!